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Here are just a few of our past lectures and events. Each year, we offer an insightful, always interesting lectures with wide-ranging topics from the use of contemporary materials to the documentation of traditional handwork.

Having Her Say – Alice Beasley



Alice Beasley: Having Her Say

Video premiere and Artist Talk

online via Zoom
Sunday, August 15, 2021, 1:30pm PT
Fee: $5 TAC and FAMSF members, $10 general public
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Paid attendees will have access to a recording of the event for seven days.

Alice Beasley headshot

Join us for the premiere episode of TAC’s Artist Series, featuring artist Alice Beasley. For thirty years, the Oakland-based, self-taught quilter Beasley has spoken out on issues and events that are meaningful to her through her figurative appliqué quilts.

The first episode, shot by filmmaker Mark Haffenreffer, captures Beasley at work, her process and inspirations. It also tells the story of how she came to quilting and fabric portraiture, and the themes in her work, including her family history and expressions of the Black Experience in the United States.

Following the viewing of the film, there will be a conversation between Beasley and fellow fiber artist Mirka Knaster. They will discuss in depth selected pieces of Beasley’s works, their context, and messages. The two artists will also discuss their separate but mutual paths to artistic expression.

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Knotless-netted top-to-bottom



Knotless-Netted Baskets, from Top to Bottom

with Kathryn Rousso

Zoom Workshop
Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 10am – 12:30pm PDT

Fee: $55 ($40 for TAC members: check your email for discount promo code)
Deadline to register: TBD

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TBDLearn how to make a small basket using the technique of looping or knotless-netting. This project starts at the top and works downwards, with several decorative options for the rim. Simple and figure-eight varieties will be taught.

As TAC’ s second knotless netting workshop, this will serve as an introduction to the technique for new students, and will build on the previous workshop for returning students (simple-looping to figure-eight looping). This new workshop introduces a new way to make a basket by starting at the top, rather than the bottom. Different rim decorative ideas will be taught, including braiding.

Knotless netting or looping, a method used to make net bags, is one of the earliest textile techniques used around the world. Two regions known for net bags are the Pacific (Australia, Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya) and Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay). Bolsa, morral, chácara, shigra and bilum are some of their local names.

There will be a follow-up session, for questions and project sharing, on Saturday, 7/24 from 9am-10am.

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Fashion in the Time of Covid


The Textile Arts Council of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco invites you to a special presentation

Fashion in the Time of COVID

with Keren Ben-Horin, Fashion Historian, Curator, Author, & Educator

Online via Zoom
Sunday, June 27, 2021, 11:00am -noon PDT

Fee: $10 TAC and FAMSF members, $15 General Admission

Talk with After-Talk Conversation:
Intimate conversation with Keren Ben-Horin 12:10pm – 1pm PDT
Fee: $35 combined

Purchase Tickets and Register in Eventbrite

As we slowly make our way out of the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, attention to fashion allows us to rediscover meaning and pleasure in the world. Did fashion disappear when we were locked down and couldn’t show it off? Are sweatpants the new work clothes? Will we ever wear a bra again? These are some of the questions that concerned us, and fashion designers, throughout the pandemic. Fashion is here to stay, but how will it change?

Fashion historian and curator Keren Ben-Horin’s talk will move us from the global to the personal, and from the past to the future, to explore four key areas of change in fashion: space, display, body, and technology. Joins us as we imagine together what the future holds for us.

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2021 Sinton Lecture: Ryukyu Bashofu

Kijoka bashofu cloth

Annual Sinton Lecture

Ryukyu Bashofu: Banana Fiber Textiles of Okinawa

Presented by Kana Taira
Saturday, June 5, 2021, 3:00 pm PDT

Online Presentation via Zoom

Admission: Free to TAC Members, $5 Students and members of FAMSF, $10 General Admission.

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Zoom registration link
will be emailed to all TAC members.

The annual Sinton Lecture is made possible with the generous support of The Carol Walter Sinton Fund for Fiber Arts Studies

Bashofu cloth is made from the bast fibers of the Okinawan ito-basho, a variety of banana tree. For centuries this weaving tradition thrived among people of all walks of life on the Okinawan islands. But after World War II, with changes in lifestyle, Bashofu nearly died out. However, in the village of Kijoka, Ogimi, noted for its Bashofu production from before the war, local women led by weaver Toshiko Taira put their passion and dedication into reviving this unique Okinawan weaving tradition. Working together, they established the Kijoka Bashofu Kumiai (Kijoka Bashofu Association), whose goals were to both revitalize the traditional techniques and to train new generations of weavers. Today the Association produces the renown bashofu kimono and other textile products and trains weavers who come from all over Japan to study there.

Kana Taira will discuss the history and post WWII revival of Kijoka bashofu, the weavers and traditional techniques still used today, and the bashofu kimono and other products being produced by these bashofu craftspeople. She will explain the entire process, from cultivating the fiber to using an ikat hand-bound resist dye method (which enjoys a long legacy in Okinawa), to finishing the woven cloth.

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Beautiful Mess Curator Tour


Exhibition Tour: A Beautiful Mess (Weavers and Knotters of the Vanguard)

with Curator Emilee Enders

In-Person Event!
Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts
1601 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 10am – 12:00pm PDT
Fee: $20
Purchase Tickets Here

Join us for an exclusive tour of A Beautiful Mess (Weavers and Knotters of the Vanguard) with Emilee Enders, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs at the Bedford Gallery.

TBDFrom micro artworks the size of a hand to mammoth room-sized installations, the national roster of women artists in A Beautiful Mess pushes the boundaries of their textile-based medium. Using rope, yarn, clay and wire, these conceptual artists knot and twist their media into sculptures that range from minimal and hyper-organized to utter pandemonium. They explore personal and political ideals — order and chaos to the extreme — and freely break the rules to create their beautiful artworks. Serious about making a strong cultural and intellectual impact, this group deftly weaves their message into works that demonstrate extraordinary technical skill.

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Tapestry Weaving – A Universe


Valerie Kirk Floating Fossil Tapestry

Tapestry Weaving – A Universe beyond the everyday.

Presented by Valerie Kirk
Saturday, May 15, 2021, 10 am PDT

Online Presentation via Zoom

Admission: Free to TAC Members, $5 Students and members of FAMSF, $10 General Admission.

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While studying at Edinburgh College of Art, Tapestry Department, technique was presented as a means to an end and could be personalised to work with concept, image and construction. Drawing was encouraged and considered important as a discipline and way of making ideas tangible. Through five years of deep immersion in the medium and experimentation with personal ways of working, I found my life-long passion and a creative space beyond everyday concerns.

For me, tapestry is a place where I can best express my place in the world, in time and in relationship to my environment through tactile sensibilities in a dense constructed fabric.

French painter and tapestry designer, Jean Lurçat led a 20th Century revival in tapestry and he stated: “Well, it is . . . a coarse, vigorous organic fabric . . . It is heavy with matter and heavy with meaning. But it is more, it is heavy with intentions. It is this which secures its magnificence ……” Tapestry demands full commitment from the design development through every pass of weft over warp, to the finished work. From this there is a density that comes from focused attention to detail in the weaving, making an object that embodies all that the artist weaver transfers into the work – their skills, ideas, sensibilities, aesthetic, thoughts and ideas.

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Basket Making Twist WS



Basket Making with a Twist

with Barbara Shapiro

Zoom Workshop
Saturday, April 24, 2021, 10am – 12:30pm PDT

Fee: $75 ($60 for TAC members: use promo code)
Deadline to register: 4/16

Purchase Tickets Here

We will create one or more twisted cubes. Plaiting, which we will use, is one of the four elementary structures of traditional basketry from time immemorial, along with coiling, twining, and stake-and-strand. Via Zoom, this workshop will offer a contemporary twist on a traditional open form and should engage students in further exploration. They can contain an object, like a cork, for a pleasant rattle or a personal item making them a memory box. They can add a spot of color in a grouping of objects.

Skill level: Beginner to Advanced

Class material will be purchased or provided by students. A materials list will be provided upon registration. The cost of supplies will vary depending on materials on hand and may be as high as $30.

Please note: This workshop is open to all. There is a discounted workshop price for members of the Textile Arts Council.

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Weaving, Tradition, Art and Community



Weaving, Tradition, Art and Community

Presented by Carol Cassidy
Saturday, March 20, 2021, 10 am PDT

Online Presentation via Zoom

Admission: Free to TAC Members, $5 Students and members of FAMSF, $10 General Admission.

Purchase tickets in Eventbrite.

Zoom registration link will be emailed to all TAC members.

In her presentation, Carol Cassidy will reflect on the past 5 decades of her work with weaving communities, exploring traditional techniques and moving beyond tradition.

In 1990, Carol co-founded Lao Textiles, a weaving studio in Vientiane, Laos. She spent the early years of the business collecting, analyzing and replicating traditional Lao textiles, allowing her weavers to hone their technical skills and develop a deep appreciation their traditional designs and weaving techniques.

After laying a firm foundation, the Lao Textiles by Carol Cassidy aesthetic began to emerge – one that expands on tradition to blur the boundaries of fine art and functional textiles, and of contemporary and traditional design.

The artisans and the extended Lao Textiles community are included in each aspect of the business. Lao Textiles has achieved more than financial stability for the weavers. The strength and pride of the staff extends beyond the studio, into their homes and communities.

As Lao weaving and textiles became celebrated further afield, the cultural significance and respect for weaving within Laos has grown, creating a regeneration of tradition that has empowered communities across the country. Carol has taken her personal model of weaving success beyond Laos to support artisans in northern Cambodia, Rakhine state in Myanmar and Northeast India.

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9/25/21 Workshop: Eco Printing with Lyra Bobo, Sebastopol, CA

10/16/21 Lecture: Beyond the warp and the weft: Ikat textiles of Savu Island, East Indonesia with Geneviève Duggan

10/30/21 Curated Gallery Tours: More Impact: Climate Change and Layered and Stitched with Alex Friedman and Nancy Bavor

11/6/21 Lecture: Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love with Laura Camerlengo

11/13/21 Annual Textile Bazaar

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