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Newsletter Archive


Fall 2020 Volume 35, No. 2
Features include American Quilts Up Close by Laura Camerlengo, Associate Curator of Costume and Textile Arts; In Memorium: Diane Mott; From the TAC Board Chair.

Winter/Spring 2020 Volume 35, No. 1
Features include Textile Arts Council Endowment Fund Supports the Major Acquisition of Contemporary African American Quilts by Jill D’Alessandro, Curator in Charge of Costume and Textile Arts; From the TAC Board Chair including the 2019 Textile Bazaar; 2019: The Development Board Introduced the Talk + Tea series; and News from the Textile Conservation Lab: A Brand New Bag.


Fall Volume 34, No. 2
Includes New Acquisitions by Jill D’Alessandro, Curator in Charge, Costume and Textile Arts; Member News featuring Barbara Shapiro, Wendy Bertrand and Peggy Osterkamp; and Jan Langdon — A Weaver’s Weaver, in memorium, by Deborah Corsini.

Winter Volume 34, No. 1
Includes Symposium Summary: Faith, Fashion, Identity: Contemporary Muslim Styles by Laura L. Camerlengo, Associate Curator of Costume and Textile Arts; From the TAC Board Chair including the 2018 Textile Bazaar; New Expertise on Staff in the Conservation Lab; and TAC’s successful fundraising campaign to purchase costume cabinets for the Conservation Lab.


Fall Volume 33, No. 2
Includes Contemporary Muslim Fashions Jill D’Alessandro, Curator in Charge, Costume and Textile Arts, and Laura L. Camerlengo, Associate Curator, Costume and Textile Arts, and Same Structure, a Century Apart, Divergent Images from the Conservation Lab, by Sarah Gates, Head Conservator.

Winter Volume 33, No. 1
Includes Fashioning Fans by Laura Camerlengo, Assistant Curator of Costume and Textile Arts, A Closer Look at Two Maori Cloaks from the Conservation Lab, and TAC’s Fund-A-Need Campaign.


Fall Volume 32, No. 2
Reviews recent gifts to the collection. Also includes news from the Conservation Lab, a feature on tapestry artist Alex Friedman, and the latest information about upcoming Textile Tour to India

Winter Volume 32, No. 1
Reviews of our FAMSF exhibitions – “Beyond the Surface: Worldwide Embroidery Traditions” and “Summer of Love: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll”. Also latest information about upcoming Textile Tour to India


Autumn Volume 31, No. 2
Reviews and previews of FAMSF exhibitions “On the Grid” and “Under the Seams,” News from the Conservation Lab: “Wet-Cleaning a Coverlet,” News from the Chair, a sneak-peek at the 2017 TAC Tour to Bhutan, and a preview of the Annual Textile Bazaar.

Winter Volume 31, No.1
A preview of FAMSF exhibitions, Oscar de la Renta, On the Grid: Textiles and Minimalism, Kay Sekimachi: Student, Teacher, Artist and The South Sumatran Shipcloth. Also find a lovely tribute “In Memorium of Marian Clayden,” and a closer look at a bolivian monedero.


Fall Volume 30, No.3
Step into the studio with TAC members and artist Rose Kelly, get a sneak peak at the labor of love that is feather conservation and find out what Joan of Arc has to do with the “Jewel City.”

Spring Volume 30, No.2
Highlights in the spring newsletter include articles from our guest lectuers, Norma Minkowitz, the presenter for this year’s Carol Walter Sinton Program; Mary Zicafoose lecture, Color Fields: A Conversation about Ikat,Tapestry and Contemporary Art.<

Winter Volume 30, No.1
Surface and Structure: The Stitches of Susan Taber Avila; Lao Textiles and the Mythic Imagination; Tattered Rags: The Art of Boro; Recent Acquisitions in the Textile Arts Department.


Fall Volume 29, No.3
Wearable Technology and E-Textiles; The History and Variety of Samplers from the Royal School of Needlework Archives; Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change; Recent Acquisitions in the Textile Arts Department.

Spring Volume 29, No.2
Why Quilts Matter: History, Art, and Politics; Tradition, Innovation and Inspirations of a Contemporary Navajo Weaver; Lampung Imagery, Textile Iconography of South Sumatra; Lines on the Horizon: Native American Art from the Weisel Family Collection.

Winter Volume 29, No.1
Tradition and Innovation of Haitian Drapo Vodou, the Signature Style of George O’Keefe, Textiles and Costumes of the Arabian Peninsula, the Triumph of the Seven Virtues, and Lace: Labor and Luxury.


Fall Volume 28, No.3

Spring Volume 28, No. 2

Winter Volume 28, No.1


Fall Volume 27, No.3

Spring Volume 27, No.2

Winter Volume 27, No.1


Fall Volume 26, No.3

Spring Volume 26, No.2

Winter Volume 26, No.1


Fall Volume 25, No.3

Spring Volume 25, No.2

Winter Volume 25, No.1


Fall Volume 24, No.3

Spring Volume 24, No.2

Winter Volume 24, No.1


Fall Volume 23, No.3

Spring Volume 23, No.2

Winter Volume 23, No.1


Fall Volume 22, No.3

Spring Volume 22, No.2

Winter Volume 22, No.1


Fall Volume 21, No.3

Spring Volume 21, No.2

Winter Volume 21, No.1


Fall Volume 20, No.3


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